Since 2015 the Epta Group, in its capacity as Corporate Golden Donor to the FAI- Italian Heritage Fund- has been committed to safeguarding national heritage to render it accessible to everyone. It is a virtuous initiative, and one expressed in full through the artistic and architectural restoration of the San Fruttuoso Abbey. It is a major undertaking which has been seen through thanks also to the contribution of the Nocivelli family, in memory of Luigi Nocivelli, founder of Epta and a longstanding friend and supporter of the FAI.

The conservative restoration got underway in March 2016, and will finish with the inauguration of the site on 18 May 2017. Its goal is to protect the entrances of the thousand-year-old Abbey from damage wrought by the elements, and to restore the clarity and luminosity so dear to the heart of Luigi Nocivelli, an entrepreneur with a passion for beauty and culture. The family is continuing with the tradition of “Nocivelli benches” donated to the Foundation so the public can enjoy the beauty of the grounds and the series of monuments set in the stunning bay which opens out between Camogli and Portofino. They have been designed so that people can indulge in the harmony and peace of this location and dedicate a little time to themselves, to their own cultural and spiritual growth, whilst reflecting on inspiring principles like those that always guided the personal and working life of Luigi Nocivelli: order, humility, delegation, resilience and the ability to let others lead, which are engraved on the benches.

Watch now the video interview of Mr. Marco Nocivelli, Epta President and CEO, about the collaboration with FAI